The Boon And Bane Of Technology

Technology has a firm grip on every aspect of our life. There is no denial of the fact that it has made the world a far more easier and convenient place to live. Within a matter of minutes, you get to know what is happening around the world or you could access almost everything through a few taps on your smartphone. However, just as everything that has its advantages has a few drawbacks too. The aim is to create a thin line in between the proper use and misuse of technology.

Advantages of technology

  1. The evolution of technology has played a vital role in the medical field. Humans have been able to treat and provide cures for the deadliest diseases simultaneously thus saving a lot of lives. It has allowed the medical world to conduct surgeries by robots with the aid of artificial intelligence as they copy the exact movements like that of a human hand but with far more control over it.
  2. In the old times, people would have to wait for weeks or sometimes months to hear from a person through letters. Thanks to the advancement in the technology, you need to just pick up your mobile phones and type a text or an email and press send. You would be able to hear from the recipient in a few minutes or some cases a few hours only. Communication has been made far easier.
  3. Technology has increased productivity to a greater extent as the businesses and industries have benefitted from around the globe. With the most advanced forms of machinery, work can be done in bulk and effortlessly too.
  4. Technology has become a source of entertainment for every individual too. Whether it is the television we see our favourite shows on or it is our mobile phone where we can browse the web, technology has made it all possible.
  5. It makes our day to day life easy. With the boom of refrigerators and air conditions, the quality of living has increased fairly. The refrigerators aid us in preserving and keeping our food fresh for longer periods. In case of needing fridge repairs in melbourne, contact us at Optimum Electronic solutions and we would deploy a member of our expert staff who would have the right expertise to make the correct fridge repairs.

Disadvantages of technology

  1. The worst aspect technology has to it is the invasion of privacy. None of your personal information is safe on the internet and is vulnerable to being stolen or in worst-case scenarios being exploited.
  2. As computers are taking over the roles of human beings, the individuals are valued a lot lesser in workplaces now since they can be replaced by computers instead. This takes a toll on the economy of the country as more people become unemployed.

In conclusion, technology has positive and negative aspects to it just like everything else in this world but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Visit here to findout the more advantages