Eating Your Veggies – The Smart Way!

Some of us never grow out of our childhood dislike of vegetables. We carry this into our adulthood and never experiment, even though our tastes actually change throughout our lives so something we didn’t like as children might actually taste great when we try it as adults. As much as we hate them, we know that they are good for us so we have to try and eat it. Here are some smart ways to get those veggies and nutrients into you:

Buy Some VitaminsIf you don’t like to eat your leaves and legumes, chances are you are not getting the vital vitamins or even some other food groups. Contrary to popular belief, our body needs plant based nutrients like pea protein powder ingredients as much as animal based fats. If you don’t like the form in which it naturally occurs, go to a health foods and products shop and invest in some pills. They will help you get the nutrients you need. You can add it to your morning cereal, your smoothies and shakes or even quickie dishes you make.

Make SoupSurprisingly, anything will taste good if you put it into soup. Though this takes up a bit of time, it is something that can be made in batches, stored in the fridge and reheated any time you want in a microwave so you can always eat your veggies this way. Or you can simply add some greens powder into a chicken broth to get your daily dose of vitamins. Simply boil and mash up all the veggies that you want in the soup (think leaves, carrots, potatoes, beans etc.) or blend it all together. Boil everything up in chicken broth or stock. Add an egg or two towards the end for some extra flavour. Soups are a healthy and easy way to get your vitamins in you.

Add Some SpiceThis is not the healthiest way to do it, but if it helps you gobble down a plate of fresh veggies – have at it! Buy a few different condiments like tomato sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, barbeque sauce etc. and splash it onto your plate of veggies. Carrots taste great with tomato sauce, as do beans. And let’s not forget mayo! Potatoes taste even creamier than usual with a dollop of mayo. Go easy on the condiments however as they are highly processed and usually pack a whopping amount of preservatives. Always, remember that all you need them for is to enhance the taste of the actual vegetables, and don’t smother them in ketchup.protein-powder